Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sorry Guys :(

I am a crappy blogger right now. I haven't really had a great streak and now its time for finals and I am freaking out as usual (Business Organizations or Property outlines anyone care to share? :) ). Anyhow, the short hand update

1. I got to have some root canals at two different appointments (thanks to a nice infection that made it impossible to do it all at once, go me). I also discovered I am allergic to certain antiboitics. So I have been a sicky over the last little while.

2. Its finals and I just hate property law, I hate studying, I suck at making my outline. I get all different, fee this, deafisable that mixed up. So I am stressed.

3. Wedding update for someone who asked: All is going well, I finally picked out my dress so I am relieved about that ;) The menu is in the works and all else is basically on hold until this time next week when finals will be over (hope I don't fail).

Anyhow... I promise I will use this as my stress relief. My rants and rave to come tomorrow.



Blogger dcsavvystar said...

i feel your pain! GOOD LUCK~

8:57 PM  

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