Monday, May 07, 2007

Studying at School Sucks

So, I am sitting here studying in the library for my exam tonight. I thought I would come to school because I thought I could concentrate better in a place of study then I could in my office in my house....right? No, definetly not right! Some people clearly don't know the proper behavior for studying near/with/around a whole other mass of people, even though they somehow managed to make it to law school.

1. The original place I picked to sit down was right near the computers and a sort of supervised spot. A big sign hung in various places letting people know that some were taking an exam and that every effort to keep noise down would be appreciated. I took this to mean, typing, flipping pages, shifting, all OK.....answering your cell phone and having a long and loud and quite private conversation? I would think you could avoid that.

2. Talking about cell phones.....why is your ringing on? You're in the library. You know what I do? I put my phone on vibrate and if I get a call I want to take, I grab the phone, whisper, "Hold on while I get out of the library", then I actually get out of the library and continue my call. There is nothing quite as charming as foul languaged ring tones resinating through the entire room at full blast while you search for the offending device. So...turn it off, put in on vibrate, silent....anything.

3. No one expects you to be silent in the library (well except in the silent study room but I have no idea what happens in there, those people scare me). However, if you are sitting next to someone who is clearly in deep concentration maybe you and your BFF should take your chat about how you are "totally over this semester like last week" somewhere else. Everyone talks once in awhile, but most of us use this hushes tone, mostly reserved for quiet places....try it. Its even quieter then an inside voice. Didn't your mother teach it to you?

4. On the flip side, please don't glare at me when I make the slightest noise, if you want to study in silence either go home or go to the creepy silent study room. The sound of me typing is going to make some noise, and once in awhile I have to reach into my bag for something. Don't glare at me each time. Thanks-

Anyone else have any favorite library behaviors?


Blogger sunchaser said...

I haven't been to any university or public libraries in awhile but just wanted to say that I love your blog. It's hilarious. :)

2:25 PM  
Blogger she said: said...

I'm for - NO masturbation. But thats just me. And I'm guessing there is a lot less of that in the law library.

I actually can't read a book to save my life. I like to tell people I'm illiterate.. but really I'm just too ADD. I max out at three pages. Then my brain goes "ooooh - look at that"!

Well - I guess unless it's a contract. All of a sudden my mind focuses. For everything else - all I need to know must only contain less than three pages.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Dennis! said...

I have noticed that law school libraries in particular are not the place to go if you want library silence. (To be fair, I've only ever been to law school libraries in years, so I can't really compare to other libraries.) Where I went to school, you were also allowed to eat, so people would bring crinkly bags of potato chips. Nice. Especially if you're stressed and trying to study.

11:12 AM  

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