Monday, June 04, 2007


Dear Professor,

Thank you so much for gracing me with my grade, afterall one can hardly expect that you could read all those short answers in a mere 1 month.

Afterall, your counterpart (my other professor) still has not decided to post his grades.....

I have to wonder, are you saving your mystery for the final moment of reveal? Do you get off on thinking about us students, checking on the site each and every day, holding our breath while the page loads, and getting all pissed when we still see a "-" where there should be an actual letter representing our grade for the entire last semester? Is it a sick rush? Are you really sitting there with a pile of graded papers purposefully holding out until the last second? Or..... do you want us to think that you are some super busy in demand person, and this could not possibly find the time to grade all those papers in the time before the actual "deadline" or "a month after".


First Year-


Blogger Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

I'm not just making this up, right? Our school does require that the grades be posted within 1 month of the professor's last exam? My evidence professor only gave one exam, ours. And it was a 5 hour in-class monstrosity, but it was a scantron exam! How can it be 5 weeks later today, and still no grade? *unhappy look*

7:27 PM  
Blogger the default attorney said...

I had an Italian law professor. You can imagine when I got that grade back. Actually, maybe I should check again now.

12:36 PM  

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