Thursday, June 07, 2007

Weekend Wedding Marathon

Since my wedding is less then 3 months away, I finally decided to plan a trip to the area that I will actually have wedding in. So off we go for the weekend to meet with

- the venue staff
- the caterer
- the photographer
- the DJ
- Florist 1
-Florist 2
- Baker 1
-Baker 2

Also, we will spend time with my parents, and his parents, oh and our friends who still live there.

On top of that we have to go to the City planning board to figure out what type if any permit we need to have our outdoor ceremony.

All from 3 pm Friday to 11am Sunday.

I refuse to refer to this as a vacation.

:( First Year-


Anonymous CreditFriend said...

Nice idea. 4,5 years have passed since my weeding. Years run very fast. Thanks for sharing.

12:38 AM  

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