Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do Not Block The Fucking Box...Idiot

People.....this isn't fucking hard to understand, but I suppose the terms used might confuse you. You know when you drive through an intersection in a busy area and there is a sign that says, "Don't Block the Box"......that isn't just a crazy random sign, it means something.

Where I'm from we don't call it "the box" we refer to it as the intersection...however, it doesn't take one (well one with a reasonable amount of brain cells left) long to realize that the "the box" refers to the intersection and that is what the sign is asking you not to block.

Not that we have established that box=intersection (look at the lines on the 4 way intersection, it looks like a box.....or at least thats where I think that term came from...)..... lets move on to the "do not block part".

Basically.....if there is not room for your car to roll completely *through* the intersection, you should not proceed through the light until there is room.

Yes, this might mean sitting at a green light, and yes idiots will honk, but if you do decide to go, you'll simply prevent the people on the intersecting road from passing by you and increase the chance that you will be mowed down by a crazy metro bus driver.

So....don't get into the intersection if you cannot make it all the way across and fit behind the car you're following.

Thank you!


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