Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Um.... Excuse me???

So.... and I am still a bit shocked about this so you'll have to excuse me.

Today the CFO comes by my desk and says, "First Year, we're moving you today".

Really...moving me? Like to a new office? The CFO needs to tell me this? I guess things are slow over in assets aqusition today????

He then tells me to get all my crap and buzz him when I am done. Okaaaay then. So I box up all my shit, all the while hoping moving me doesn't really mean fired :) Then I buzz him and he starts walking me down the hall.

I notice we're moving out of legal and into where the accountants for asset acquisition sit....um ooookay I think. Then he stops at an empty office and says, "OK...heres your new office, the accounts payable specialist left and when I picked up your resume this seemed right up your alley. Bible Thumping Manager (will tell this story in an upcoming post) will be by in about an hour to get you started. You'll report to me instead of Insane General Counsel now."

WHAT???? Excuse me??? Did you just change my job for me? I hate accounting....yea yea I know I did accounting in undergrad, but I am in law school now, I want to eventually work in a general counsel's office. Thats really why I took this job for the cold bitch! At least I'm taking a pay raise, but what the fuck. Is that a normal thing to do?? Anyone??? Bueller??

On the upside I have a waaaay bigger and nicer office, no more crazy bitch boss, and more money. On the downside, I am not once again an accounting troll destined for days locked away in my office putting codes on bills and signing checks for more money then everything I have and will ever have will be worth.

Is it just me? Would anyone else be a bit....surpised and possibly confused?


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am in LOVE!!!!

So... the old one was white, pretty dingy and definetly worn out. Pieces were broken that I *needed* and it was way too cold....

Now HE has arrived. He's black and so tall, looming over me. He's cool but not too cold, has plenty of room and all of his pieces are functional..... oh I am so happy. It was love at first site :)


And New :

Yes.... I did give him a big hug when he got off the truck. Before you think me mad....understand that a fridge that cannot cool my beer and keep my hard liquor ice cold is no fridge at all....a mere shell of a fridge. But that fridge is now dead to me, I am ready to begin anew with my black stallion. Plus... he gives me water and ice on demand, who doesn't love that?

First Year-

Monday, June 05, 2006

Backyard Showdown: FirstYea v. Sod

Sigh... I don't want to own up to the fact that I am loosing a battle with grass, but I believe that I am.

You see when we moved in here, the yard was a wreck and I was told not to worry.... we would have grass, the condo association would pay for it, or we would get a contractor. I breathed a sigh of relief and waited. However.... it is now June and when I go out to tend to my veggies and flowers what do I see? Oh.... a bare lawn with weeds everywhere :(

Now...those were taken at the end of April....the only difference now is that there are weeds (mainly the prickly kind) where some of the bare spots are and the 4 pieces of grass that were there before are now like a foot tall. This just aggrivates me so badly, the beds along the perimeter of the yard so pretty, full of growing veggies and lush flowers and vines. The center area....looks nasty.

So....first I tried to fight with the condo association, no luck there of course. Now.... I am getting estimates. Now... I have a pretty small yard, (less then 600 sq. ft.) and the estimates I am getting are not even half way affordable. So.... we may do it ourselves....but I don't have the time. If I have to look at that during our BBQs and out of my office windows I think I will just cry.

I hate you backyard.

In other news...my peas are here and they are delicous...too bad they had to look at that ugly ass dead weed lawn while they were growing, I wouldn't want MY home to look like that!

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