Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So... I haven't written here for awhile. Every time I sit down to write I just want to get all of the annoyances and complaints and the such out of my head. But I dont want to go back and read this and only remember the bad points of law school. So I have been straining to think of something pleasant to say. You know, how glad I am to be here in law school school and how happy and wonderful it has made everything.

But the truth is going to law school seems to have derailed my life entirely. Well it wasn't just that, I also moved not so long ago, and maybe that has something to do with it. But it seems I am always exhausted, never caught up, always in a rush off to everywhere and not really smiling so much.

I have really been taking the time to think of some things that are still OK in my life to be happy about... so here goes:

1. I have a car that runs well and takes me back and forth (and its paid off entirely!). I hate public transportation (which would be super annoying from where I live) so this is a huge bonus.

2. My new apartment is nice and I have my own work space so I can study in peace. Originally I hated the place (well I still hate it) but I have close to convinced myself its nice and quiet and the such.

3. I am not the dumbest person at school. Once a class someone will make an idiotic comment that makes me smile because I feel as if I am not the most ill-prepared person and that my reading comprehension and analysis skills are definetly not the worse.

4. I am healthy. One of my classmates has some major health problems. She has to miss a lot of class and definetly has things waaaay worse then me. I skip class sometimes, but only because I am a lazy ass, not because I have a debilitating condition.

5. I am child-free. Doing law school at night and working during the day would be a waaaay bigger hurdle if I also had children to take care of. Heck some days I can barely feed and dress myself.

So, thats it for now. And what they say is true. If you sit down and force yourself to write out 5 things that you like about your life it will make things better.

So with that, I am off. There are facts statements to write, contracts to read, and the internet to surf.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Much Better :)

Ahhh. I feel so nice and calm today. I can't believe its already 4pm and I haven't been (a) late anywhere. (b) majorly pissed of by anything or anyone (c) pissed off by my own self or (d) being in a bad mood. Things are going well so far, and even the fact that I have some inane class of rubbish tonight after my actual class does not phaze me one little bit. I even enjoyed being at my job today.

My weekend was fairly uneventful. The only drama I encountered was not even my own (in my opinion this is the best type of drama, because it does not personally affect you. Its something to giggle about rather then be aggravated by). Me and Boyfriend (and several friends) were out and about at a bar and witnessed the stupidest fight on the face of the planet.

Giant Gym Guy: Standing there holding a Corona taking up most of the aisle with his bulk.
Random Smallish Friendly Guy: Trying to walk through the aisle and around the Gym Guy

I know that you can all see where this is going :)

Random Guy: Walks into GGG and accidently makes him drop and spill a significant portion of his beer.

RG: Oh my god I am so sorry! I will be right back to a new one and some napkins to get the mess I made on the floor. I am really sorry, thank goodness it didn't get on you!
GGG: what the fuck is the matter with you???? Didnt you see me there??? You made me spill my full beer, you fucking faggot!!!!!

RG: I am very sorry, I will be right back with a new beer. I did not mean to bump you, I was only trying to get by. I will have to be much more careful in the future.
GGG: I am going to kick your ass.

RG: Goes to bar, gets new Corona and napkins. Hands GGG new beer and begins to mop up the mess.
GGG: Takes new Corona and dumps it out unto RG's head as he is bent down cleaning mess. When RG gets up and looks confused he punches him.

RG: Oh my god... I said I was sorry, what are you doing????
GGG: No one fucks with me!!!!

The fight was broken up pretty fast, but poor regular guy got soaked, got a black eye and messed up jaw, and got thrown out of the bar along with the steriod freak.

This was so comical when it happened because the poor guy was so genuinely sorry about things, it was an honest mistake and he immedietly went got the guy another beer.

Some people are freaks...(me) and some people are freaks on steriods with anger problems (Gym Guy).

I hope you all learn a lesson from this... behave like a human in public, calm the hell down, and don't dump beer on someone's head.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things that dont belong at the law school, Part 1

OK, so I am new to law school.... only like 1.5 months or whatever in...but already I can see things that just plain do not belong in the building. I am planning on keeping a random list, in no particular order as I go along, because since people never cease to amaze me I am sure I will be confronted with blatant ingorance in the future.

1. Children- Cry all you want about children not being things, but I don't really care about being politically correct, nor am I a fan of the child obsessed society and zombie kid obsessed parents that raise these entitlement brats.

Now...repeat after child is not the center of the universe.... the comfort of my child does not need to met no matter what the cost to the life of others.... other people are important too, my child is not the most important thing to anyone other then its family.

There you go... parent zombie rehab has started, now stop taking the fucked to McDs everyday so I dont have to pay for his diabetes meds in 10 years.

Ok, this is turning into an "I hate kids" rant, which was not the goal... I don't hate kids but I do hate some of their parents. I will write a post on that at a later time.

Onto the issue. So I came to school this afternoon and there was a women with a child in additions to the loads of shit law students cart around with them. This might have been OK. But they were not, the child was more then displeased to be at the law school. She was shreiking, throwing chicken nuggets, throwing her bags and hitting the people around her with her "purse". The mother of course stared straight ahead and did not pay a single bit of attention. The people glared at her and she shrugged. Hello...dumbshit.... your brat is either too young or too poorly parented to behave at the law school. Keep her the fuck at home, or stay at home, or do anything. I don;t care if you dont have childcare. You fucked, had the kid and now you have to deal with all the responsibilites and consequences that come with it. So, leave it at home. I can only image how that class went. I hope you got kicked out.

2) Obnoxious cell phone rings. I personally usually keep my phone on vibrate in an area where people might be annoyed by my phone going off (say a restuarant, theater, CLASS).It is embarassing for a phone to go off in class and I do feel bad for most of these people. But not for the dumb-asses with some sort of stupid phone ring produced only for teenagers. If you ring is "PICK UP THE PHONE DUMBASS" or a brittney spears song no one will take you seriously, so change it so a more adult annoying ring thats not a pop-song and does not contain curse words. A ring in class may be embarassing, a rapper screaming about fucking bitched and drinking 40s is more then that.

3) An alarm clock. At this point if the asshat who brought an alarm clock into class was reading this they would know it was about him, but I don't care...that person most likely does not understand how to use the internet to begin with. So... I am in Contracts yesterday and the guy sitting in the row in front of me and a few spaces down has an alarm clock and a computer plugged into the power outlets that should be used for his seat mate, who now has nowhere to plug in his labtop. So the guy with no power plug asks the guy to give him his god given plug and asshat refuses.

Normal Guy: Why do you need an alarm clock?
Asshat: Because, I hate wearing my watch during class and I like being able to quickly see the time.
NG: But theres a clock on your computer in the corner and also one on the wall right in the middle of the classroom.
AH: Yea... the clock on the comp is so small and the clock on the wall is over the proff's head, if I look there he might call on me and I dont usually do the reading before class.
NG: Oh, forget about it!

So... dont do this people. Everyone in the general area saw and laughed. Tonight everyone was looking for Mr. Alarm Clock to see if he would repeat the experience. (he did not)

So there are 3...this is way longer then I wanted it to be, damnit


I haven't written in a little while because theres really nothing in my life to inspire me to write anything. This weekend was spent running errands, studying, and basically watching my friends get drunk and do stupid and obnoxious things to one another. So below, I have enclosed my personal list of top 10 things not to do in a bar unless you are a retarded frat boy or something.

10. If the bartender has an odd physical charectoristics (ie: is too short, has pimples, is missing a finger, etc) do not ask him/her why it is that they are that way. Thats insulting, the bartender is actually another person trying to do a job!

9. Generally if you need or want to see something that is all the way across the room the way to see it would be to walk your ass over to the other end of the room. The wrong method includes standing on a table or chair to seem, get off of the funiture!

8. Don't wait until everyone is half drunk and having a good time before laying some sort of dramatic bad news that you've been hiding out. Thats really annoying, not because I don't want to hear whats going on with you but because you pick such an inappropriate time to do it. If your hear and soul are crushed when we're all 6 beers in wasn't it also the same way before we started drinking and were actually capable of showing you enough attention? But no, you prefer to mix your hurt with anger, when we do not have the reason that you were hoping for.

7. Adult relationship partners (whether married or not) are in fact not a single unit, but 2 people in a relationship. If you are older then say 13 you must be able to leave each others' side once in awhile. I don't care if you are super close, thats nice. But if he is waiting for you outside of the bathroom and brings you football and beer nights with the guys you too could really use at least a few minutes apart, that must be sufficating!

6. Commericials for DUIs are everywhere, you can't listen to the radio or TV for more then half an hour without hearing, "if you drink and drive you will lose". Well damnit, I don't want to loose. If I or any other person politetly declines your offer of a beer or a shot do not ridicule them. If someone is drinking soda all night because they are the designated driver, don't make fun of them. I like drinking alcohol, just like you but I sometimes also do not want to drink, or I have to drive, or I have something to do in the morning, or I just need a break so I don't end up sick or too drunk. So, relax and drink all you want but keep your nose out of others decisions.

5. No matter how much your friends like you eventually they are going to be fed up with the fact that you stay with a guy who treats you like trash. You always bring him out and he belittles you, is rude to everyone who somes near him, and usually makes you cry a few times. Initially we did feel very sorry for you, but seriously, dump him or learn to enjoy his sick mind games. You know that you should leave him, but say you might not find someone better. What the fuck, seriously my cat (who occasionally enjoys a scratch or missplaced pee) treats me better then your jerk. Stop bringing him, he ruins our night because he is anti-fun and since the only time we see him is when you are with us, we are getting sick of you too (even though we feel bad for you!)

4. Don't touch other people's boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, or whatever. If a guy is standing with him arm around a girl, chances are they are together. So.... the wrong move would be to walk over to them and flirting and touching the girl with the guy still next to her with his arm around her waist. You are retarded, stop, get a clue, and go hit on someone without a man wrapped around her.

3. If you said something rude to a friend while you were drinking, say sorry, explain your alcohol problem and then drop it. Do not repeat the rude thing and laugh hysterically without actually apoligizing. This will not be seen as apoligetic by the hurt party!

2. Now this is a personal one.... if you see me out at a usual hangout on a Saturday night do not ask me "Why aren't you studying right now?" What the fuck? You want me to be home at 11:30pm on a Saturday night studying? You are the person that disapproves if I am ever out doing anything at all. Can I just say to you : "Shouldn't you be working on that 4 year home renovation you just embarked on?" Asshat!

1. There are a lot of places that are now non-smoking. There are a few places (like the good old VA) where smoking in bars is still OK. So, if you are a non-smoker and decide to sit right next to me (or anyone else) when you can see that I am currently smoking, you do not have the right to ask me to put it out or move. a) I was sitting here and smoking when you decided to sit down. b) smoking is allowed in this bar, I am allowed to be doing it. c) This is my regular bar, and I am not letting you take it over. Almost equally as annoying is when people bring small infants and children into a bar and then starts yelling for everyone to put their smokes out and watch their mouths because of the kids. Hey fuck you entitlement parent....this is a BAR for people 21 plus or those with good IDs. You 6 and 2 year olds cant be here.

Ahh.... well that feels better. On a person front: I am a little bored at home. I think I miss the excitement of having a crush on someone where there was a possibility. Now that I have totally cut myself off from that I am getting bored :(

First Year-

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am that person!

Just an interesting tidbit from class last night. To set this up, we were all in Torts, about 7:00pm with a fairly uptight no fun professor. We were discussing a case where a minor car accident had pushed an individual over the edge from sane to batshit crazy. Prof. Torts wanted to know what we thought of the rule that told us that a defendant who was negligent and would be liable for some damages be made liable for all damages. This was called the Eggshell head (or something) doctrine.

So, people speak their minds until one women has this exchange:

"In someways this is unfair, how is the defendnant to know which person is about to have a mental breakdown or has a preexsisting condition and was about to snap"

"I am mean I AM that person who is about to snap! And how would any of you know that I am one step away from a meltdown"

Professor finally found something funny and declare, "No one committ a tort against xxxx its going to cost you more then it normally would!

Thanks professor, that was invaluable. :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


So, my legal writing class was in the library yesterday and it was very exciting. My poor proffessor (a litigator teaching a class for the first time in her life) decides to split the group up and tend half of us with the 2L assisting the class. Bad plan. The 6 of us could not pay one bit of attention and eventually the 2L, who we all love, gave up and we stood in the middle of the aisle looking out of place and waiting for something to change.

You think after all this time and all this schooling and for some all the work experience would tell us, don't stand in the middle of the aisle in the library milling around like cattle but no.

So, other people join the cluster-fuck going on in the Supreme Court Reporter aisle to talk to me and other classmates, and we continue standing there and building in force until the entire aisle is not accessible. We arent even supposed to be in this part of the library, but oh well.

Anyhow, after an hour the proffessor became curious about the rest of the class and went hunting. She looks high and low in the places she would expect us to be for the exercise, but we're not there. On her way back, dejected that she lost half her class she sees a big group of people and other single frustrated people trying to get by. She see's 2L.....aha she's found us. And she says, "What the fuck are you guys doing here?????"

Ha, it was the first time I've heard my law professors swear, and if it were going to be anyone I would think it was going to be the fellow from Contracts, not the feminine writing teacher. She realized of course immediately that she made the wrong move and just laughed. Then told us to get away from the primary sources. We went home early after that. I guess she thought we had learned all about the wild wonderful word for secondary sources.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I should go back to serving tables

So, if you have read any of my blog you will know that I despise my job. I really hate it. I hate the location, I hate the bosses, the coworkers, the work itself, everything really. I was thinking of quitting and taking up waitressing again, at least it was more profitable.

The people at my work drive me crazy. I am a numbers type of person, I went to business school and I took accounting and management so I deal with concrete things. I mean, I love analytical tasks like reading law books (yea, sure I love it... well at least I enjoy it sometimes if I am not rushed and have a chance to sit and enjoy it without feeling as if I am falling behind). But some people are super fucking creative. I am not one of those people.

Now don't get me wrong I am great at thinking up alternative solutions to a difficult problem, making a business plan, things like that where there is a clear result to be had. But I don't sit around and daydream about creative things (usually). what is up with these people, I dont even know what half of them do at work all day.

Fuck em, I want to do what they do. Come in, eat something organic, sit my office chair and stare off into space for a few hours, every hour or so shifting around and sighing as if they are in great mental distress. Then they get up for lunch, go do yoga, swim, walk around a park somewhere and eat something else that resembles meat but isn't. Then repeat morning of sitting on ass and staring off into space.

No wonder they think I am weird when i send them emails asking for reciepts and information about something they fucked up. They stare as I fax and mail and calculate, probably thinking that I am insane.

Coworkers who sit on their asses and stare all day: fuck you, seriously, just fuck you.
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