Saturday, December 24, 2005

Grades Freakout Rant

Break is pretty uneventful. I have been sleeping and sitting around and eating...oh yea and working.

I havent gotten any grades yet, so I am a little freaked about if/when those are coming out and what they are going to be. Having my grades calculated by my performance on a single exam and possibly on on a single time I was called in class (when I was mercifully prepared for class). So, I am stressing it a little but I guess theres nothing I can do about it now. I didn't feel that great about either exam (I didn't feel awful about then either though) so I don't know if I am heading for "good" grades or if I will forever be stuck in a land of mediocrity.

Anyhow, if I don't do well it will be sad... I really spent so much time studying for these exams, but I could have done better about starting a review/maintaining it throughout the semester and not peicing together an outline later on in the game. So. if I don't do well it will be all my fault, but I will whine anyways (or never speak of it to anyone).

Merry Christmas Eve, me and boyfriend have to go to Target....just imagine the fun we are in for.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Its that time of the year again. Bring out the tacky garland and blast those christmas songs.....jesus' "birthday" (or a rip off of the winter solstice) is here!

Now.... I am not one of those joyless people who feeds of off the misery of others or anything like that, and I am not a grinch, nor am I one of those PC freaks who has a heart attack if someone tells me to have a Merry Christmas. I promise. But I can't help but think that christmas has gone too far. There is no way to avoid christmas, its in every store, on ever street light and corner, on every house, and on every sweater.

No where is safe. We can't go to the mall without running into santa, every store blasts the music, and the place is all dolled up in glitter (of the red, green and white variety).

You try the movies next and the only things playing are feel good family time, christmas, romance, crap. can barely find something rated R, much less something half interesting. Cheaper by the dozen TWO is none of those things, I hope it goes right to video.

So where is left? Sure there are the bars, but even some of them have lost their charm and were turned into tacky snowflakes and the such.

So I say: Fuck you Christmas..... I wish you were over sooner, New Years is a waaay better holiday.

On that note.... I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and/or a Happy Festivus.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its Over....

Well... its the day after the exam and its finally over. No more papers, exams, etc until the middle of next month. You'd think I'd be a very happy girl with so much free time suddenly on my hands? Well I am happy, I just feel a bit empty.

There was an evening students trip to a bar after the exam. I didn't go because I wanted to come home and go have a drink with Boyfriend. Well, I get home and nothing happens, no drink (though eventually I did get a beer). We just sat there and watched crappy television shows. I wished I had gone out to the bar with my friends.

I am dissapointed so much by his lack of enthusiam for life/me/anything other then his work. If you all think work-aholics are just of the white collar variety you are wrong.

He says he has been trying to stay out of my way for exam, with exams over I guess we will see.

Sorry for the depressing post, I expected I would be really happy. Now I just feel like I have missed out on some fun because I thought me and boyfriend were going to have our own. Instead I got a crappy beer and come crappy TV. anti-clamatic

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Missed Connection: Reality

So.... on this, the day of my last final I have finally lost my grip with sanity. I never realized how much I enjoyed living in the "real world" and in "reality" until I began living in some of wacked out legal alternative universe. I realized I have been studying a little too much. I was driving to school this morning when I saw a little girl and a little boy playing in front of their house. The girl went to sit down on a lawn chair and the boy pulled it out from under her. Suddenly my mind raced to garret v. dailey (or whatever the fuck that case name is) and I began to fret. In an action against the boy the court would surely find that he was guilty of the intentional tort of battery. While he didn't mean to hurt her, surely he knew, with a reasonably degree of certainty that his actions would bring about the harm done to the little girl. Don't these parents teach their children anything?

Then cars started honking at me because I was stopped at a green light like an asshat. I snapped out of my torts inspired daydream, discontinued my frolic and continued on to school.

Which is where I am now, glaring at my torts book, the case notes book, my outline, the outlines of several friends, and that wretched barbri review book.

I would like to publically say: I hate you torts. if you were a legitimate being I would hurt you. And yes...that is an assualt and if given the oppourtunity I would turn it into a battery.

On an unrelated note, I forgot all my pencils at home, which sucks since I need them for my exam. Fuck....fuck fuck fuck.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Library Fun

The day before my last final it seems obvious to me that some of my classmates have retained even less of their sanity then me.

We all have a torts exam tommorrow. Personally, I am not so worried about the exam because torts is pretty cut and dry (if you do something/don't do something a normal person wouldn't/would do and you fuck someone (or their shit) up, you'll have to pay for that....etc)

Now....the professor has done us the great service of putting from bar exam multiple choice questions on reserve to serve as a study/diagnostic aid. Great...thanks torts professor. So, I finally get the crap out of reserves to photocopy for my own studying pleasure today and ran into one of my classmates while I was doing it:

Freaked out 1L: Hey....some of those review questions deal with product strict liability, we didn't do that in class, its not in our reading, or anywhere in our notes. I can't believe theres a question on it!!!! How am I going to learn about in a day???

Me: many review questions are about it?

FO 1L: like 3 or 4!!!!

Me: Out of the 200 or so he gave us?

FO1L: Yea....I can't believe this, and I thought I was really prepared!

Me: Oh well.... thats like 1% of the review questions...maybe its a mistake. Or maybe he thinks we can take some mental leaps of our own? I don't know. It seems that if you know all about strict liablity you'll be able to figure out product liablity too. I don't really care, remember this is curved!

FO 1L: (giving me a death stare) you're seriously not going to worry about it? We need to add it to our outlines....(and commences freaking out for 20 minutes)

Me: In the time we had this exchanged we could have looked this up on West Law. Calm down, you'll do fine. And if not, someone will do worse then you.

Then the other person scurried away to change her outline.

Now...these are my first sets of law exams, and I may be wrong but perhaps the day before the exam you should stop making your outline and start studying/reviewing it. Oh well... what do I know, I didn't even make an outline. I did purchase one and get one from an anal retentive classmate though.

Good luck everyone :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Studying....or Not

Well, after my take home final yesterday I got no work done. Instead I went out and drank, a whole lot. This was nice for 2 reasons: First, I got to drink a lot and forgot all about the subject material I had just finished studying. Second, I got to leave the house and socialize with people! It seems that sinces finals are in full swing I spend entire days in the house, never leaving and not seeing anyone other then Boyfriend. So yesterday, I saw several other people, it was really pretty exciting!

Now, its back to work. Except my concentration is gone, there is nothing left for Torts :( Which is really too bad because its an in-class closed book exam and my outline is not in existence yet. So....if I have so much work to do why am I posting in my blog? Good question, and fuck you for thinking of it.

I will go slink off and study then. I will surely post later on as I grow crazier and crazier.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Honor Code Violation

OK....this is one of the only things that has made me actually laugh during exams, so I have decided to share.

To begin with I am not a huge freak about the honor code. I mean, I wouldn't steal some else's work and try to pass it off as my own, but aside from that I don't much care what other people do, say, etc.

Now my school is insane about the honor code. When the entire 1L class was working on a huge paper we were told that we weren't even allowed to speak to one another about the paper. As in, not even discussing the points, debating the positions, answering inane legal citation questions, telling each other how long our damned papers were, nothing. Other then the person who is our "partner" in the research. No one other then this person was supposed see our paper, our research. See what I mean, total freaks. Of course I can see that we shouldnt be passing around the papers and copying bits and pieces, or even the logic from someone else's but give me a fucking break.

So.... fast forward to yesterday. One of my classes has a "take home" final that we have to complete within an 8 hour time period sometime during the first week of exams. The entire class is forbidden to talk about this class, the exam, etc at all during this exam period, because some people will take it right away, some people will wait and to do so would be an honor code violation and a failure for the exam and thus the class since the exam is the only grade. So, a group of us in the class as sitting in the cafeteria chatting about something that has nothing to do with the final. At the next table the professor for the class is sitting there with a friend sipping coffee. At a table directly across from the professor sit 3 douche bages.

Douche Bag#1: Hey, I took the exam yesterday and you should definetly studying.....

Douche Bag#2 & #3: regale him with questions.

The professor, sitting mere feet away from these wonders of genius yells over, "discussing the exam is a violation to the honor code and if you continue you will fail the class"

Now...this is a friendly warning, he didn't have to give it. Most people would be pretty embarassed for not notiving the professor sitting at the next table, say sorry and slink away. Nope, not these guys. One of them looks directly at him and yells, "what, are you going to snitch on us???" and they all laugh.

The 6 of us not violating the honor code about died laughing as the professor got all of their names, and most likely went on to fail them all.

So, thanks are definetly dumber then me :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finals Review Class

So.... I am sitting here in a 4 hour review class for Torts. I have tuned out about an hour ago and just cannot seem to focus on it. I am having an "intense" AIM conversation with the Boyfriend, but its just annoying me.

Some fucked up stuff happened between the two of us a year ago and basically nothing was done about it, he never made up for anything, never really gave me the heart felt apology that I really need.

I know, I should let it go, but his extreme laziness is the bane of my exsistence. Basically everytime I think about the past I get bitter and start to take it out on him, which of course makes him miserable. But I am bitter damnit. I don't know if couple's therapy will help us, maybe we need another person just to referee our disagreements. I am not the most mature when it comes to arguing with him. I get really insulting, withhold sex, call him names, bring up things from the past. For his part he makes all sorts of promises, and talks about all the changes he is going to make and then it never happens. I call him on it not happening and he just says "I know, I dont know why?" and then more promises. Its this endless cycle of crap. I am not sure we can resolve this ourselves He just wont get off his ass.

Well.... that felt good to get it out. On other news, this is the last class of my first semester of law shool. I am not quite sure where time has gone. It was dragging ass when it was going on, but now that its finals time seems to have melted. I really should pay attention. But I just don't care right now. There over 2 hours left of this none-sense and my brain is completely numb.

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