Thursday, February 23, 2006


just a quick post before I forget.

Someone definetly got to my blog by searching for "glenn beck" retard.

And thats exactly how I feel about it :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Well I'm writing in my blog because I'm sick of writing. That makes a lot of sense right? Well it does, this is a brainless form of writing that doesn't require me citing anything or looking anything up or going anywhere near the blue book citation manual.

I propose this... instead of archaic citation formats we now have why don't we all just own up to the fact that we do everything online. I mean, other then the time that we were forced to drag out the books to prove that we could find them, I have done all the legal research I've had to do online.

So...why not just replace the citation with a link to the west law page that contains the case or whatever the hell it is?

Oh sure there are many arguements against this... but I don't care. I'm on my 4th paper this semester and I am fucking sick of citation. Go to hell citations, go to hell!!!!

:) Whewww... now back to work.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Life Needs a Rewind Button

This weekend went by way too fast. I didn't get as much work done as I'd wanted to, but thats what happens sometimes. I still had a great weekend, a good paper consult, and a good meal at the end of it.

Which brings me to Sunday night at a certain Tapas restuarant. This was our first visit. It was Boyfriend, Work Friend and their girlfriends. (aka me and "J"). I cannot stand it when the food at a place is wonderful but the service is awful enough to ruin your entire night.

Now I am a former waitress (J worked in the industry as well) so a waiter needs to make a lot of fuck ups in order to lose a tip from me and actually annoy me. I let just about anything go! Wrong drink, no problem just a few minutes to get another one, you decided to only bring 2 people's food? We'll just wait.

But this place was beyong horrible. We were all starving and looking forward to ordering a million things off the menu and passing them around. That and the pitcher of delicious sangria *should* have made any service indiscretion barely noticable. But not if you're being served by "the worst waiter ever"

I shouldn't even say waiter, I should say bartender, because we were at the bar. originally at one of those little bar tables, but after 15 minutes with no one coming by to see us, we moved ourselves up to the 95% empty bar. Thats when "Jose" began his personal jihad against a tip from us.

"What do you want"- not a great way to approach a table. Also, when we tell you what we want for drinks and first course salads making a comment about the fat content of one of the salads that Boyfriend's sort of chubby friend ordered wont win you any points.

If you spill sangria all over the table in front of us, please wip it up. Dont take a bar rag, throw it at us, and grunt.

We all ordered a salad course. Each of us, we wanted them together. Its OK that you didn't bring one, if you would acknowledge the fact that it was on the way. When asked about the other salad please don;t be shocked that we might be waiting for our friend to begin eating, or that everyone wanted them at the same time.

Also, don't make comments about our appearance and clothing. No one cares if you think my boots are ill fiting or if J's sweater is the ugliest thing.

So, in closing. Crappy waiter at Jaleo, you suck. We wont be back. We loved the food, but the very possibility that we'll have to see you again ruins it for us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So... I had seen all those site trackers on people's sites and decided it would be cool to know how many people are visiting me. However, I did not expect site tracker to give me all sorts of information, I thought they would just give me a number. Not so. Recently I have been a little bored and looking through the visitors and got a little freaked out. Heres a few things I found odd/weird/etc.

1. Someone from my school (or more then 1 someone) is reading my blog!!! This is fine and all, but I got a little paranoid that this person might know me/know its my blog. I write this (so I thought) anonymously and don't really want people knowing me (well not people I know know what I mean!). There is no refferring URL whichn makes me wodner if someone in class saw me posting on it or something and now reads it. So please...if you're reading this and you go to school in D.C. can you just let me know if you know me or not?????? I know you're reading this..... (ummm that might have come put creepier then I meant it too). Just drop me a comment. Please? Or... i guess you can tell me in class tonight :(

2. A lot of people from the virginia suburbs are reading this, specifically Reston. This is only odd because it seems random that like so many visitors are from that one city (well a lot in my VA suburb as well..but thats a different story). So person (s) reading in Reston, delurk. I am just curious. How did you find me?

3. The other schools people are reading from. This isn't weird or anything its just amusing. Especially who ever is reading from Harvard and Stanford. But also the people from Devry. Nice to see others wasting time during class too :)

4. The poor person who found my site using the search term "first year or law school info" I'm sorry they directed you to this site. Please don't get information about your first year from me. Try a law student who isn't a complete lazy ass. Also the person who found me searching for "Link:" what on earn where you searching for? you don't need a link if you know the website. Also, its funny to see me pop up first on the search, I didn't think I would be first on any search.

Ok... I will let this go now (and perhaps not look through the details again). So to sum it up. People reading at a DC school...let me know if you know who I am. Person (s) in Reston...whats up? and guy searching for law school info/advice try a better law student.

See what happens when I don't want to read for criminal law???

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello Brain?????

Yea... I have had a sort of rough weekend so far. I should be writing a few pieces of a paper right now, but instead I am posting here. I was originally scolding myself about not being able to concentrate, but then I realized if I let my mind wander for a little bit I will be much more likely to be productive then if I try to force myself to do something I am really not interested in. Good thing this paper isn't an emergency yet because the other one was a piece of crap.

Also...anyone reading in the "blizzard" strike zone, I hope you make it through with the minimum amount of interference in your daily lives. As for those in the DC metro area like myself, don't worry about the snow, worry about the retards on the road to start driving into each other at the mere mention of it. Also, catch a look at DC's ingenious answer to the snow (no not snow ploughs, sanding trucks, or anything else that makes sense) the snow melter. Thats right, they load the snow on a truck and melt it. Good thing DC residents are completely unrepresented in the government, otherwise their "representative" might get an earfull. But I digress (a lot!!!)

First Year-

Friday, February 10, 2006

But We Deserve It!!!!

I don't know if anyone else is completely appalled at the entitlement attitude of some in this country, but I am. I was reading one of my little debate boards (yea, I love to argue, go figure)

So on this one board was a very busy thread. Apparently exhausted with the constant berage of welfare stories about people who had children they couldn't afford but chose to keep anyhow she made a post about some prerequisites folks should strive for before having children.

She was so violently admonished it was scary.

1. Have a years worth of living in savings--> OK...this is a large amount, but how about having something. No said the other posters, having any sort of money in savings is an extreme burden, if we all had to have savings before the children the population of the US would decline to a dangerously low level and the economic system would fall apart (WTF....these women are stupid stupid people)

2. Have Health/Life Insurance--> Sounds like a good idea right? If you have the kid you should pay for its inevitable medical care. Also, life insurance and long term disability can soften the blow of a disaster. No Way!!! said the other posters. Insurance is expensive, why bother struggling to pay for insurance when health coverage will be given by the state to the kid. They shouldn't be expected to provide it to their off spring themselves.

3. Be married/in committed relationship/have a support network/etc--> Sounds like a healthy place to raise a kid. Other posters: You can't control when you have kids!!! (ummm....yes you can moron!)

4. Have good credit--> This one I can take or leave. it is nice to be able to buy a house/car or get a good rate on a credit card. Other Posters: Outragoues, how could we be expected to be financially responsible prior to having children? A house/car/credit card isn't needed for kids.

5. Good paying job to support children---> Great, you need to support your children, right? Other posters: Theres something to be said for raising children in poverty, there is always welfare.

Then they go on to ask if she thinks poor people shouldn't have children. Well I'll take the unpopular position, that NO poor people who cannot feed/clothe/provide healthcare/provide housing for themselves, let alone a child should not have children.

Yeeesh. You need a license to drive a damn car, but children, naaaah no requirements. Heaven forbid you be able to provide for them, why should you be? You waaaant them! Grrr

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Getting Bak Into It

So, I have basically been ignoring law school lately. And now I'm behind, and scared to go back, thus getting even further behind. But tonight really should be the night to go back. I only have 1 class tonight, it wont involve me doing anything or participating, I just need to start back and slowly get back into things. The only class where this is going to be hard is the one where I am suppposed to be writing a huge paper, none of which I have started. Sigh.... I need to snap out of this, I wonder if these is still time to salvage whats leftof the semester.

Sadly, there is so much crap for me after my little "mental vacation" that I am scared to even look at it all, write it down, and begin picking through it,

So, I guess I am just going to try and make it to school tonightm thats step one...go to class. Its a sad thing to have to try to do, but if I start thinking about the paper and all the reading and everything else I'll just have a panic attack and crawl back under the covers.

Have a good day all ;)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Anonymous Commentators

I read several other blogs and occasionally post comments. Whenever I do post something I use my own blogger name just as when I post something in an online/non-blogger format I use my own name.

I stand behind my comments and I'm not ashamed of what I have to say.

Recently I was reading and responded to a post (where a customer was incredible rude, etc) and responded to the blogger's question about who would act that way

Me: "Social rejects ask for tea (or anything else) like that.

I can't understand why people start off nasty with someone who is doing something for them (fetching them things, etc). Tables like this are the most demanding and least rewarding."

Anonymous retard #1: "Social rejects? You mean people who aren't wasting their parent's tuition money on alcohol and cocaine? Right."

- so aparently this person had so much free time on his hands and came to read my blog (and he must have read all the archives, about 50 posts or so) to find the 2 posts mentioning coke and the 1 or 2 (maybe 3 I dont really have the time to go back and fish for them now) mentioning alcohol. What I can't understand is how my parent's money got involved? They arennt paying for law school, my drinking or occasional cocaine use. Just wondering where the assumption came from, I would email him/her and ask, but of course they were hiding behind the internet. Maybe if this guy paid as much attenntion to the rest of my posts as to the few mentioniing alcohol and drugs he would have noticed I go to school part-time and have a J-O-B.

Anonymous retard #2: "What? That has to be one of the most bizarre sweeping generalizations I've ever seen.

What is "anything else like..." tea? You mean another hot beverage?

Coffee is "like" tea, so all coffee drinkers are social rejects, too?

I can only imagine that you must have meant something completely different from what you wrote."

- Could what I wrote be any more clear??? I didn't mean only people who are social rejects order tea and other hot beverages. I mean that only social rejects would order tea (or anyting else ie: food, extra condiments, whatever) lile that.. ie: in the manner that the women in the post ordered it. Am I missing something? Was my comment somehow unclear?

The reason I didn't respond to these people in the comment section of the other blog was because I didn't want to start a flame war on anyone else's site. Also these people aren't willing to link themselves to their statements in anyway. Anyone can say whatever they want if they aren't signing their name to it. Plus i know retard #1 will be coming back here and finding more fodder to insult me with in future interactions.

Gttt... :) Now.... to go make sure I dont allow anonymous comments on this site :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bad Week

This has just been a sort of crappy week over-all. I can't seem to get into school this semester, something bad happened to a friend, I've been sick. Just sort of crappy all around.

I am home from work today hiding under the covers.

On other news....January is over, which means its that much closer to the return of the warm weather. Maybe higher temperatures and longer hours of natural daylight will make everyone a little more cherry.
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