Wednesday, July 25, 2007

People You Frustrate Me! (Grocery Store Addition)

What the hell is wrong with people lately? There seems to be a spree of raging assholism going around.

Last Friday, I was at the grocery store (usually not the best place to find examples of people actually behaving themselves and people were just on a roll.

1. I get out of my car to go into the store. I am walking up the aisle when a woman who just finished loading her car and placed her cart directly behind the vehicle 2 down from hers. To make this act of utterly laziness and ass-y-ness even better.....the car behind which she placed her cart had it's reverse lights on! He was about to back off and this fucking bitch plops her cart right next to him???? If the man hadn't immediately jumped out of his car to move the cart to the corral a mere 15 feet away I would have just taken it for shopping.....but really. WTF??? I do have to say that the man showed restraint. I would have probably placed the cart back behind her cart and proceeded out of the lot. Maybe while saying, "Oh, I am afraid you mistook the back of my car for a cart corral....its right over there. Here you go".

2. Safely inside the store and away from the cart-crazies I go to the produce section. As I am selecting corn (and I admit, I peek under the silk a little to made sure theres nothing wrong with it) a lady walks up, begins ripping off large sections of husk, and then throwing the corn back onto the display. There was nothing wrong with the corn, except now no one else will want to buy it, it will dry out, and the store will need to throw it away. Oh....and throwing the husk trash into the trash can directly next to the display for just such a purpose was too hard for her. She just threw the husks back unto the display too. Reaaaaal nice.

3. This wasn't a specific incident, I have seen it before and I have seen evidence of it multiple times. But....people don't eat food from the grocery store IN the grocery store. It's not a buffet. I can understand grabbing a bottle of water or soda if you're thirsty, drinking it while you're shopping, and then pay for it when you check out. But things like bananas handfuls of grapes, packaged snack goods all need to be paid for. Don't just take the wrapper/bag/peel and throw in somewhere in the store, thus effectively stealing. And to the people who let their kids steal a snack from the grocery store----real nice lesson you're teaching them. Good job, you're right in the running for parent of the year.

4. How about people who don't understand that while you are checking out it is actually *your turn* and they should wait in line to conduct their businesses? I ran into one of these on Friday. I was getting my items rungs up and an elderly couple approaches the register behind me (There was no line). Instead of waiting patiently for my transaction to be complete they started talking to the cashier and asking her questions. She tried to put them off, but they just became more irritated. I threw a few glares in their direction as they were standing too close to me and where trying to basically shove me out of the area you stand in to pay. Finally the gentleman waves some product and loudly asks, "Price Check This!!!!!!!" The cashier explained she couldn't price check until my transaction was done.......the couple snorts, rolls their eyes and continues to try to infringe on my personal space. You people suck....wait your turn.

Anyone else have any fun grocery store stories?

First Year- :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Had to Share- Pictures a bit graphic...

OK....I have never been a fan of fact I don't shop there and haven't for years. Their stores are horrid, their products are crap, the other customers are filthy trash that refuses to reign in their children/various people on electric scooters and so on. But should be able to go buy a cheapo pair of flip flops to wear once or twice on vacation to throw away after without them burning and permanently scaring your feet.

Take a look.....

First Year-

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Employment in the First Year?

Hi helpful folks..... in a recent comment someone asked:

"perhaps you have already encountered a dilemma I have. I know that 1L's are prohibited from discussing employment until after Dec. 1st, but my current boss wants to introduce me to some attornies in our field. Can I talk to them to network without providing a resume or discussing possible summer employment (which, ostensibly, is why I AM actually talking with them)?"

I wondered if anyone else had an answer for her?

My understanding was that first year law students (other then part timers, who are allowed to work and usually do) were not allowed to work, but I am not aware of any rules regarding simply networking with people you already know. I mean if your boss wants to introduce you to some contacts for possible hire the summer after the first year, that isn't exactly like making an employment decision.

Is the rule against discussing employment only to prevent the career center from sending first year students on interviews and the such?

Weigh in if you know more then me :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Learn To Merge!

Fellow DC area drivers,

I have noticed that we seem to be having some type of problem, relating to "merging" unto highways. What happens is this....some cars are already driving *on* the highway, they are travelling at a high speed, usually 60-80 mph and there are other cars who are driving on an "entrance ramp" and attempting to get *unto* the highway. The right thing to do would be for the people on the entrance ramp is to attempt to get themselves up to highway speeds, find an opening in traffic and get unto the highway without forcing others to slam their breaks. The drivers *on* the highway and in the lane to be merged have been warned about the merge via signage, and they should try to space themselves in such a way that other cars are able to join the highway.

However, that is not what is happening a lot of the time. So for you, "challenged" drivers I offer the following advice of what NOT to do....

1. When entering the highway do not refuse to go over 20 mph. That is a dangerously slow speed of travel when entering the highway, the other cars are going 60 mph (at least) and by entering the highway at 20 you may cause an acident, not only for you but for all the people trapped behind you.

2. If you're driving on the highway and you don't want someone to merge in front of you, might I suggest getting into a different lane? Because those cars on the entrance ramp ARE going to be merging on the highway.

3. If you have relegated yourself to the lane that will be merged with, please refrain from driving directly next to cars from the entrance know the game where you slow down when they slow down and speed up when they speed up, in what seems to be some type of passive aggressive show.

Come on guys, I believe in you, you can do this.... to review: Speed up when entering the highway, space yourselves for a smooth merge, if you don't want to let cars in please move to another lane.


First Year

PS.....Jenny.... I had no idea I was quoted in the Washington to pass the info on?
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