Friday, September 30, 2005

I am a waste of time

Theres all sorts of things for me to do today. I have a shit load of reading to do, I have somewhere to be at 1pm, I have some major cleaning to get done, some groceries to buy, and the dmv and city treasurer's office to go to....but you want to know what I am doing? Sitting on the couch watching TV after sleeping until 11:30.

This is awful for my day but feel great so I am a happy person. I haven't felt this well rested since I started school. So I am sorry car it doesn't look like you will be getting new decals today. will stay ditry another day. Instead of getting groceries I am going to Wendy's.

Eh, what are you going to do? Somedays have to be like today...slow and lazy and relaxin. Life sucks when you are constantly running around trying to catch up with the 15 minutes late you've been all day.

So... I will still pick my friend up, I will still do some cleaning, and I may crack open a book. But thats about it.

On an unrelated note....did you know that one of my favorite stress releivers is listening to angry rap in my car?


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Damn You Parking Garage Attendant

Now.... I know this job isn't the best in the world... you guard the underground law school parking garage to make sure no one who isn't supposed to gets in. And thats the thing... the parking garage is reeeallly small. First year students cant even park there, unless they are part time (thank you for taking mercy on us part-timers who dont have time to wait for the shuttle bus that comes from the metro or from the main campus).

Here is my problem... I really think that after a month the guy (who is there every single time I enter this garage) should start to recognize the cars that come in. It seems he knows other cars, they do not even stop before him. No... not me. The one time I tried to do the slow drive through he ran up to my car and demanded to see my permit (which is bright orange and was hanging from my rearview mirror just like it was supposed to be). He looked it over for a minute before gruffly announcing that I could go. This was 2 weeks ago and every day (4 times a week at the same exact time) I come through and stop for him, he walks to the front of my car and views my permit.

Asshole.... I had a permit yesterday, I had a permit the day before, and I have a fucking permit today. You fucking suck at your job! As a waitress I waited on hundreds of people and I could remember many of their favorite drinks, extra side items and other preferences without them telling me again. I have quite a distinctive car... there is not another one like it in the parking lot. I come in everyday at the same time. Stop leering at me, stop treating me like I am trying to pull something over on you. Let me drive through like everyone else. asshat!

Thanks :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Relief at last

Its almost the weekend!!!!! Well it is the weekend for me after class tonigt because I don't have class or work tommorow. Its going to be sooo nice to be able to sit in my place alone, breif my cases, and work on my paper due very dangerously soon (which currently is very much so not finished).

In any case. I am feeling lots better then yesterday where I was having a mini meltdown, the cause of which turned out to not even be so bad.

Well torts guy has started to talk and I should really pay attention.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Its all gone to hell!

So.... I have been mostly on top of things, up until last night. Yesterday was super productive. I spend all morning studying and outlinineg, then I went to work and got a lot done there. I was feeling pretty on top of things. I even got to school about an hour early because traffic was light.

So.... I get to school and see my writing class partner, she looks like she is having a panic attack, and suddenly the day got worse. So, we go to the dining room and get our plates if crap and she explained to me what happened. Shit we missed a deadline and she sent in our rough draft (that we were going to refine last night) as the "final product" because something had to be done.

After that I just pushed my rice around the plate. This wasn't just a failure on the current assignment, it freaked us out about Torts. So we start going over the cases, and we are just a mess. I just gave up, ate my damn rice, smoked a cigerette and went to class. I hated yesterday (though it started out so well).

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Job

Today is going to be my first day at work. I don't know whether to be glad or not. I mean, I will be happy to see the bank account getting bigger instead of smaller. It will give my day some much needed structure. It will stress me out because it will take time away from the evil law books.

All in all I am sure it will be just fine. I just need to take my time to learn things and then do a good job.

On the upshot its the beggining of a looooong weekend which means some time off from school (4 days!).

I don't know what I will do this weekend. A part of me wants to hole up with my books and study and the other parts wants to have fun.

On an interesting note. I have found out what will be happening to the law students from the law schools (tulane and somewhere else) in New Orleans. It seems that many (mine included) law schools are taking the students in without further charge and even giving them their books for free. Thats pretty cool.

I really haven't got much to write.
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