Thursday, June 21, 2007


Is it possible to actually hate an event? I mean, I know you can hate a person, hate an object, hate an activity, but an event? Your own event?

I believe I currently hate my wedding. No, I don't hate anything specific, I like my venue, cake, flowers, catering, and so on. But I am hating all these little stupid things to think about and answer and decide and book and buy.

Ahhhh that felt good.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Weekend Wedding Marathon

Since my wedding is less then 3 months away, I finally decided to plan a trip to the area that I will actually have wedding in. So off we go for the weekend to meet with

- the venue staff
- the caterer
- the photographer
- the DJ
- Florist 1
-Florist 2
- Baker 1
-Baker 2

Also, we will spend time with my parents, and his parents, oh and our friends who still live there.

On top of that we have to go to the City planning board to figure out what type if any permit we need to have our outdoor ceremony.

All from 3 pm Friday to 11am Sunday.

I refuse to refer to this as a vacation.

:( First Year-

Monday, June 04, 2007


Dear Professor,

Thank you so much for gracing me with my grade, afterall one can hardly expect that you could read all those short answers in a mere 1 month.

Afterall, your counterpart (my other professor) still has not decided to post his grades.....

I have to wonder, are you saving your mystery for the final moment of reveal? Do you get off on thinking about us students, checking on the site each and every day, holding our breath while the page loads, and getting all pissed when we still see a "-" where there should be an actual letter representing our grade for the entire last semester? Is it a sick rush? Are you really sitting there with a pile of graded papers purposefully holding out until the last second? Or..... do you want us to think that you are some super busy in demand person, and this could not possibly find the time to grade all those papers in the time before the actual "deadline" or "a month after".


First Year-

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Laziest Blogger....Ever

Yes yes, exam are long over, perhaps it just took me a month to recover from the trauma before I was able to come back here? Or perhaps I fell into a laziness spiral, finally freed from mind numbing outline making and reading.

In any case, I am back. I am also 90 days away from my wedding :) I finally bought my gown, at the last moment of course, and I have a lot of the major details at least partially settled.

My guest list has gotten a little out of control, so my small and intimate 50 person wedding might be growing into a 60-70 person family I haven't seen in 15 years fest. (Sigh) At least there is space in the venue.

And a mini-rant:

Stupid Asshole with TB--> What the fuck is wrong with you??? You say you didn't know how serious it was when the CDC contacted you and ordered you into isolation (and were also planning on flying the jet out to get your diseased ass back to the states). Excuse me????? I believe if the CDC contacted ME I would definetly be thinking something serious was going on.

But not you, "real man of genius", you decided to sneak into the USA. Why sneak? Oh because you were ordered not to fly on commercial planes, and your passport was flagged, so you couldn't actually fly into America. Why not do the next best thing? Just fly to Canada, and drive over the border....yes it does make you sound a little like a terrorist.

Anyhow, you fucking suck as a person, selfish ass.


First Year-
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