Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Can't Help but Share Some Photos of my "Babies" :)

When the backyard was aquired by me it was so awful I didn't think anything was going to grow! I guess this resiliant rose bush liked the watering and feeding I have been giving the rest of the beds and bloomed right up!

This is one of the (many) sunflowers. I took this picture yesterday and its almost twice as tall today. I can't wait to see if it will actually grow to 16 feet :)

Lastly, Here are some flowers that are actually *blooming* and some strawberry plants. The first baby strawberry is forming on one of the plants. If anyone cares I posted a photo of it here.

OK... sorry had to share :) Its my very first attempt to grow something outside, and lets just say nothing I have ever tried to grow indoors has lived.

On a totally unrelated note.... the weather here has been wild... I had been counting on Law Nut to post some outfit of the day suggestions, but no luck yet ;) So, I hate they are not even sort of accurate, at all.

Oh yea.... and good luck with the studying :)

First Year-

Monday, April 17, 2006

Things Learned From Oral Arguement

So... after enduring right of passage that is the oral arguments I have figured out some things that one should not do, if they find themselves arguing in front of the appellete court (or in theory, any court).

1. When asked a question, do not hold up a single finger to indicate that the court should wait one minute. Instead, answer the question immediatly, and then attempt to regain your thought.

2. If you do stick up finger and the court makes a remark about how you shouldn't, do not roll you eyes, sigh loudly and say, "fine, whatever".

3. If you get stumped by a question, take a few seconds of silence to craft a not stutter, shuffle your notes and then ignore the question and resume your arguement.

4. Do not say something similar to, "I think theres a case that says....", actually know if there is or isn't a case and know its name, tell the court its name and from which court this case is from.

5. When asked by court about above mentioned case, don't tell them its not important if you've based most of your arguement on it.

6. Don't use casual language like "yea", "like", "damn it" and the like, also try not to swear.

7. "its because he's black, obviously" is never the right answer.

8. It's "may it please the court" not "to please the court" or "I will please the court by...." you'll just make the rest of us laugh.

9. Its key to know which side you are arguing. If you're representing the commonwealth of VA do not introduce yourself by calling yourself the "defense" especially if your side is initiating the appeal and especially since defendant/plaintiff are not the right terms for the appellete level.

10. We were all nervous, there were silences, stuttering, and lots of ummmmsss...... however, running out of the room is not going to get your point across effectively.

Well... I guess that should do it. As you can see, fun was had by all. I have blocked out the rest of the fiasco. Good luck to any who hasn't reached the end of that particular adventure yet :)

First Year :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Best Friday Ever :)

The BF is out of town, the papers are in, the arguements are finished. What am I doing to celebrate? Going out and having a a good time? Nope! Sacrificing animals to the law school gods for good grades? No.... thats for Sunday!!!!!!!

I am sitting, right on my butt on my couch watching reruns, drinking a beer in comfy shorts and tank top :) I just wastefully ordered some great food from my favorite place, courtesy of the local food delivery service and I could not be any happier.

So....while this is hardly the most exciting, or the most interesting...its definetly the best so far :)

Ahhhhhh sweet sweet laziness :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lamest Weekend

Well... the weekend flew by me and I dont really remember where the time went. Friday really turns into Monday so quickly. However, there are only 3 days left until my legal writing classes ends forever and ever. I am so happy to be done with this horrendous class, :)

Now I am just feeling lazy and enjoying a rare moment.... I was just reading a magazine, I think its the first one I've picked up since starting school. I like this whole relaxing thing :)

In other news..... check these out if you'd like some good reading ;)

Law Nut and Above Supra

Have a good day all :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do Not Get your Law School Info From Me!

I notice a lot of traffic coming from people searching for infomation about their first year or last school or going to law school or things of that nature (though I am pleased to come up 3rd on a search for "its all gone to hell"). There are so many reason to get your information/advice or whatever from somewhere other then myself.

1. I skip classes--> yup.... in classes where attendence isn't taken and doesn't count, I do skip class. Not like 5o% of them or even a quarter of them, but most likely more then 1Ls should. I don't feel bad about this, I just do the reading and enjoy my evening at home. Maybe this stems from job-related stress that someone going full time doesn't need to deal with, many of my classmates skip class.

2. I stopped briefing cases long ago. I normally do my reading before class and sometimes I get all motivated and write myself a few notes. But I have found just reading the cases and marking my book up is enough.

3. I sit in the back--> if I get an option of where to sit I sit in the back row. Mostly this is because I want to surf the web without people (like myself) looking over my shoulder. In fact I even sat partially obstructed by a collum on purpose.

4. I don't spend 40 hours a week studying. I read my cases, do my papers and then I go out, I watch TV, I mess with the backyard, play with the cat, do whatever else. When I have time (which isnt often with this cursed legal writing BS class) i enjoy myself.

5. I am NOT taking classes this summer. Most of everyone else is, but I really just want to have a relaxing summer. I want to just put in my 40 hours at work and then not have anything to stress over in my mind. I am picking my sanity over school, which is not advised.

6. My rantings and ramblings here are most likely not a realistic portrayal of my life. I mean, I post unusual things, or when I am pissed, or annoyed, or find something funny, or whatever. but most of the days of a law student are spent doing boring tasks (reading, highlighting, outlining, whatever).

There are way more reasons, but that should give you an idea of why I am not the best person to get your law school info from..... But if you like your law school info more entertaining then educational read on :)

First Year-

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Blog :)

Hey there ;)

Well I was invited to join a collaborative blog with other DC law student bloggers and of course I said yes. If any of you are interested check in over there:

On othe news, a new kitty, found under a trash can has come to live with me. Theres a picture of him at the above link and when I have a chance I will put up some others of him, he is a really tiny cutie ;)

Well, I am enjoying this day minus the memo looming on top of me. Only oral arguements left and this satan class will be over.

Well I am going to watch some day time TV and enjoy my relatively short lived freedom. :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Its Monday!!!!!

Hmm... odd. I thought writing out "its monday" all excitedly would help me wake my ass up this morning, but not as much really. Though there is some good news this Monday:

1. hell paper is done and getting printed and turned in as I type this (thanks OCD partner)

2. I am meeting a friend for drinks after class who I haven't seen in a long time (since sophmore year of undergrad). She's so much fun, and I was sad when she graduated two years before me and went off to live far away. So at least theres something fun waiting for me at the end of the day :)

As a sort of side note, I was reading the comment to my last post and I just wanted to say that I could not agree more. Some of the ladies on the message board they refer to themselves as poor are typing their messages on computers and a high speed internet connection. I don't think someone paying almost 50 bucks for internet a month is "poor". I also think its completely disgraceful to spend that money on internet when you're accepting foodstamps. I think that given a choice between feeding myself and my (hypothetical) small children I would not choose the websurfing.

I have lived in countries where there was real poor people. They didn't have a TV, DVD player, did not go to McDs, etc. Its all about how you prioritize. For me, I spend some money on entertainnment, cable, drinks after class and all that, but when things are tight I dont do that and spend more tightly. Me and Boyfriend also contribute to our savings every paycheck, so that if we get a bad check or if we get laid off or whatever, we had money to pay bills.

People who live on the financial edge are begging for a problem to crop up. Its one thing to live and spend everything as a single person with no one but yourself. Its still dumb and will get you screwed, but at least you are single, not tied down, can work more without needing daycare or worrying about anyone but you. As a family, how can you have children and not have anything saved? Something ALWAYS happens, theres always a mini-emergencie. Car breaks down, fridge breaks, etc etc.

I guess its a mindset difference. I don't think you're poor living in a home, gettingn food, and owning luxuries. I also don't think its anyone's responsibility to feed me other then myself.

Oh look... I wrote another long rant. I guess this is just a hot button for me :)

Hope you all have an easy day back :)
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